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Why My Plot Is Awesome!!!

I have some more useful things to tell you about purchasing my plot but this blog entry is all about the land I bought. I think I have ended up with a really very good plot that was overlooked by others for a number of reasons.

You can see from the plan of the plot above it is an unusual shape and included in the plot is an access road that has to be retained. The access way is what I think put off most potential buyers and I must admit to initially having reservations about it myself. However the access way is used by just three other properties and only one will need to pass in front of my house. Aside from that it is used to reach a low use stable and a secondary entrance to a farmers field. On the plan view and paperwork it looks as though this compromises the site but down on the ground you realise the area remaining for house and garden is in fact not only a good size but perfectly orientated. Also the access way gives space around the site enhancing the semi-rural feel.

The rear of the plot is bordered by a tree screen behind this there are open fields and beyond them the sea. Some parts of the site have distant sea views especially in the winter when the trees have no leaves. The likely orientation of the house will help to shield out any road noise and create a very private garden.

While it may not be the biggest plot this is more than compensated for by the wonderful quality of light on the land. It faces south but also gets first and last light from the east and west. During my search I visited several plots but none gave me such a sense of well-being and ease as this land. I believe it is the light that does this. Even now I find it uplifting sitting on the rubble pile on the site that was once a bungalow and taking in the sun as it bathes the plot. I imagine this flowing into the house and lighting up the spaces and oak frame.

On a practical level the site is fairly flat and level and not on a flood plain. Gas, electricity and water are already on the site. There is already approved planning for a large 300m2 property on the plot which is a good starting point even though I wish to submit a different design. Access to the site is good and as I own the access way I need no special permissions only to be courteous and thoughtful of my neighbours. There are protected trees on the site but none will interfere with the development.

Crucially the type of property I am keen to build will suit the site. I can easily imagine an oak framed modern barn style property on the plot.

It is interesting that I could have easily missed out on this fantastic plot had I not arranged a site visit. Plots can be very hard to come by and photos and plans can be very misleading. So my big tip is always go and have a look. That slightly awkward looking plot may be an opportunity that others have missed.

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